Get A Copy of Tater Crazy!

Want a copy of the best tater picking book around? Just can’t get enough of me, The Tater Queen?Currently, there are three different ways to bring me home, :

Visit my Facebook page (trixie @ spudlove34) and leave your name and a message and you could win a copy of Tater Crazy plus a personalized gift from me!

Visit my FaceBook page, or point your browser to or simply email angie with the basics (name, address, number wanted) and she will send them too you. For extra conveince pay via PayPal.

For a few extra dollars international shipping is available. Books are 10.00 with 2.00 S&H

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Howdy! Hope all is tater-iffic! I know I’ve been gone a little while, I’ve been traveling. I hoped on The Tater Express and been seeing the sights. I’ve been all over; so many exciting places and so many neato people. I’m taking pictures and collecting stories for another book, I’m so excited. I’ve had so much fun, I just can’t wait to share my adventures with you all.

If you follow me on Twitter (i call it Tater!) or Facebook you’ve seen many of the pics; but, in case you don’t (but why wouldn’t you) I’ll post some here for you to enjoy. I would love to come visit you (don’t worry Mom it’s not the real me just a cut out of me, remember Flat Stanley?) If you would like to spend some time together email Angie and she send me out to you right away!